Your website and blog, while major parts of your online marketing strategy, should not be the only parts of it. Of course there’s SEO and SEM, but something just as important is often overlooked by small business owners: Social Media. Of course, you hear it all the time, how social media has changed the face of internet marketing – and marketing in general. It’s true. It has. And it is a marketing channel you should be exploiting. If you don’t already have a Facebook and Twitter account for your business, you’re already losing business to your competition. But, why is social media so crucial toRead More →

Business Blogging

Business blogging is an effective marketing tool when used properly. Put simply, businesses use blogging to gain more online visibility. What’s a blog and what’s blogging? What you’re reading right now is a blog. This article is a “blog post”, a part of the overall ICBM blog, which is a collection of short-form content (posts) organized by date or category within a website. Blogging is simply the art of creating this short-form content and posting it to your blog on the web. With business blogging, your posts focus on subject matter that is specifically related to your business. For example, ICBM is a web designRead More →