Social Media: Don’t Overlook the Benefits

Social Media: Don’t Overlook the Benefits

Your website and blog, while major parts of your online marketing strategy, should not be the only parts of it. Of course there’s SEO and SEM, but something just as important is often overlooked by small business owners: Social Media.

Of course, you hear it all the time, how social media has changed the face of internet marketing – and marketing in general. It’s true. It has. And it is a marketing channel you should be exploiting. If you don’t already have a Facebook and Twitter account for your business, you’re already losing business to your competition.

But, why is social media so crucial to your business?

Simply put, social media is just part of doing business in the 21st century. Customers expect a company to have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, at the very least. They are part of your digital storefront. Much like having a well designed webpage, having active Facebook and Twitter accounts makes your business appear more legitimate in the eyes of internet savvy consumers.

Also, on Facebook or Twitter, potential customers are less guarded and more receptive to your marketing messages. Unlike email, which is private, social media is … well… social.

The bottom line is that social media will help you increase sales. At the very least, it will help drive traffic to your site, and increase consumer awareness for your brand.

Your competition is doing it, so if you’re not, they’re the ones getting the attention of your potential customers.

You should be posting regular status updates and tweeting offers on a regular basis. We can help you get started, and even make monthly or weekly updates on your behalf with professionally written blog posts shared across all your social media channels, as well as sending out special offers on a schedule you determine. Just contact us, we’re here to help.

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