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Why Your Business NEEDS a Blog

Why Your Business NEEDS a Blog

Business blogging is an effective marketing tool when used properly. Put simply, businesses use blogging to gain more online visibility.

What’s a blog and what’s blogging?

What you’re reading right now is a blog. This article is a “blog post”, a part of the overall ICBM blog, which is a collection of short-form content (posts) organized by date or category within a website. Blogging is simply the art of creating this short-form content and posting it to your blog on the web.
With business blogging, your posts focus on subject matter that is specifically related to your business. For example, ICBM is a web design and marketing business, so our blog posts are about web design, marketing, and other topics specifically related to web design and marketing.

Why is online visibility important?

Just like it sounds, “online visibility” is being seen on the internet. Whether it’s through search engines, or social media, on other people’s blogs, or any other channel, it’s getting your business’ name, products, and services in front of people – existing and potential customers – as much as possible. Obviously, the more eyes you can engage online, the more likely you are to gain new customers.

The difference between personal blogging and business blogging

The internet is full of personal blogs, content marketing blogs, and news blogs. Some make money by selling advertising, but that’s not the kind of business blogging we’re talking about.
Business blogging is different from these because it’s not the primary revenue for the business, nor is it a personal pass-time. A business blog is a marketing tool, just like any other advertising media, with the sole purpose of driving growth for your business. The goal of business blogging is to drive traffic to your website where that traffic can be converted into customers.

Why business blog?

Your website is being vastly underutilized if people can’t find it, or, just as bad, have no reason to stay on it once they do find it. Business blogging helps solve both of these issues.
First, the more pages your site has, the greater it’s chances of ranking on search engines. Every new, relevant blog post adds a new page to your site which can be indexed by search engines, or shared on social media, helping to drive traffic to your site.
Additionally, having engaging articles on your website can keep readers on your site longer, reducing the “bounce rate” of your site, which is another significant ranking factor for search engines.
Once your page is ranked, it can be found by more and more readers, and will continue to be found long after it was posted to your blog.

What kind of stuff should a business blog?

As stated, more pages means more of a chance to be ranked with search engines, but not just any pages. The relevance of your pages is important. Every time you add a post to your blog, you have another opportunity to present your business to the reader in a positive light, and provide a call to action prompting them to do business with you. Stay relevant to your business, with the goal of conversion always in mind.
Often business blog posts follow the format of presenting a problem, or a need, then explaining the solution or a way to fill that need… And then, saying, “Oh, by the way, guess what we do?”
Kinda like this: Don’t have time to keep your blog regularly updated? In addition to our outstanding web design services, ICBM can provide you with regular blog and/or social media updates, keeping your web presence current, relevant, and growing. For more info on how we can help you with your business blog, contact us today!

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